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   Eli Dweck Designs was founded in 2004 and is based in New York City. Eli’s portfolio includes a range of Manhattan dwellings, summer residences, institutional centers, and Pied-a-terres.

   A lifetime of extensive international travel has influenced Eli’s aesthetic approach and design philosophy. Eli caters to each individual project’s needs. His strong understanding of materials, textiles, and craftsmanship gives every space a unique character. An expert in classic elements, while also testing the boundaries of contemporary design, Eli has a finger on the pulse of the dynamic design industry.

  Focused on the endurability of his client’s projects, Eli’s work combines the livable, functionality of a home with bespoke, unexpected details.

   In 2006, Eli was invited to participate in the Homes-by-the-Sea Designer Showhouse and designed a room that was published on the cover of the New York Spaces Magazine.

   Eli currently lives in Brooklyn, NY, with his wife Nicole, their 4 children, and toy poodle, Skye.

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